Monday, October 12, 2009

Living Room Art

So my living room has a brown accent wall. I thought a brown accent wall sounded cool; then I realized I have NOTHING that would look right on a brown wall. So to the easel I went...

I decided I just wanted something visually appealing for the living room. So I decided to go with brown tones (to match my brown wall) and blues. I've noticed that brown/light blue is a hot color combination this season in home decor. I mixed in some gold and metalic colors to give the painting some "pop". I incorporated multiple fleur de lis, square geometric shapes, and some fun free-hand plant-like shapes. I added a 1" dark brown border on the top and bottom of the painting, and the dark brown is also on the outside edges for definition.

This painting is 24"x30" acrylic on canvas. I think it really dresses up that brown wall!

1 comment:

  1. I love this piece it looks amazing against the brown wall. I really like the color combinations and plant shapes on the light blue. It is very visually appealing.