Friday, October 23, 2009

Paradise Sunset

As cold weather sets in and winter approaches, I found myself dreaming about some warm sunshine and tropical scenes. This is also my first EVER work in pastel. Now that I've done something simple, I'm excited to try to get creative with what oil pastels can do.

I painted a bright red, orange, and yellow tropical sunset over an ocean view. One can see the edge of a rocky beach, and gentle waves crashing. There is a lot of texture and highlights on the waves. Last, but not least, is the silhouette of a palm tree leaning gracefully toward the water.

This is a 10"x12" oil pastel painting on canvas paper. It is signed by the artist.

I'm so ready for a vacation!


  1. This is an awesome piece. I like the calmness of the ocean at sunset with the solitary palm tree. It is a very relaxing scene that makes a room feel warm and inviting.

  2. I love this piece but I am 11 years old and I used soft pastels and my picture almost looks the same, the Palm tree is soo much better than mine though.

  3. Thats really good! Im trying to do something similar for my art class. Keep up the good work!

    1. I just realized that this is from 2009 and you still have myspace on the side and you havent updated this, so you probably wont even see my comments, but whatever....